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Potting Mix

$155.00 M3
1 M3 3/4 M3 1/2 M3 1/4 M3 25 Ltr Bag
$155 $120.25 $85.50 $50.75 $8
This is a standard potting mix, with no fertiliser added. This Potting Mix is suitable for plants in pots or containers because they have a different flow of air and water available to them than plants growing in the ground. The mix is a blend of soil, sand and organic material such as decomposed bark fines. It has a slightly larger particle size to promote good drainage and aeration and avoid plant roots getting drowned in their containers. This mix is Ideal for green-thumbed patio garden enthusiasts, and for use in hanging pots and decorative planters.We stock smaller quantities as well as have bulk potting mix available.

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