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Quantity Estimator : Volume

Quantity Estimator : Area

* Recommended Turf has up to 5% added to allow for wastage and rounded up to whole rolls.

The estimated quantities are only as good as the information supplied.
Please be careful to input the measurements in the correct units.
Answers have been rounded up.
The estimator is not designed for extremely small areas,
(answers less than 0.01 may not be valid due to rounding).

Products densities can vary, this calculator is an estimate only.
It is very rare to calculate an exact quantity so please consider if you are better to have MORE or LESS.

Do I have a use for any leftovers? How will I get rid of any excess?
If I’m short I will have to pay a second delivery fee, but this may be better than having way too much.


Turf – We recommend allowing at least 5% extra to allow for wastage, the quantity required can vary depending on how tight rolls are packed together.
Pavers quantities can vary when pavers are to be cut. When using larger pavers please consider if the measurements of your area are multiplies of your paver size.

Example :
I wish to use 400 mm x 400 mm paver and need to cover 2.5 m x 1.1 m.
If I can change the area to 2.4 m x 1.2 m so they are multiples of 0.4 m I need 18 pavers.
If I cannot, I will have to allow for wastage as I will have to cut some of the pavers.