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Green up your lawn and maximise your garden harvest with our range of fertilisers!

For lawns we stock Sir Walter Premium Fertiliser which works well for Buffalo Lawn, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu and all other lawn types. With a balanced NPK it delivers all the minor nutrients needed for verdant growth.

As all good green thumbs know, the key is in the soil nutrients, and at Turtle Nursery and Landscaping Supplies our range of fertilisers is handpicked to do the right thing for your lawn and garden.

For all enquiries contact Turtle Nurseries and Landscaping Supplies on:

Turtle Rouse Hill Ph: 02 9629 2299
Turtle South Windsor Ph: 02 4574 3299


Brand Price
900gms Sir Walter Launcher 17.00
3kg Sir Walter Launcher 37.00
4kg Sir Walter Fertiliser 27.00
10kg Sir Walter Fertiliser 55.00
20kg No.17 Lawn Food 42.00
20kg Sulphate Ammonia 35.00
25kg Turf Lifter 45.00
25kg Dynamic Lifter Pellets 25.00
25kg Garden Lime 14.00
20kg Gypsum 12.00
20kg Blood & Bone 40.00
20kg Banana Special 40.00
Everris Lawn Fertiliser 50.00