Premium Garden Mix Soil

$66.00 M3
1 M3 3/4 M3 1/2 M3 1/4 M3 25 Ltr Bag
$66 $51.50 $36 $20.50 $8
Our Premium Garden Mix is a blend of Soil, Sand, Ash Bark Fines and Duck Manure. It is more finely graded, so has less coarse material than the Organic Garden Mix. It is a very well-draining soil, which makes it great for planter boxes or generally, where drainage is important. Premium Garden Mix is a different variation of the Organic Garden Soil and does not contain mushroom compost, so provides a safe alternative to Organic Garden Mix, which is not suited to some natives, azaleas and camellias.

Because the Premium Garden Mix Soil drains better, it is not generally recommended for vegetable beds, as it will require more watering. For Vegetable gardens, the best choice is usually the Veggie Mix.

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