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Rotor Mill (Rec Asphalt)

$70.00 TONNE
1 T 3/4 T 1/2 T 1/4 T 20Kg Bag
$70 $56.50 $43 $29.50
One form of road base for sale is Rotor Mill, which is made from reclaimed road material. It comprises of asphalt from roads and/or the road base material underneath.
It has been screened to ’30 mm minus’ (i.e. contains particles ranging in size from 30 mm down to dust). Rotor Mill provides a good cheap option as a robust material suitable for rural or temporary driveways.
Rotor Mill may vary greatly in composition. While sometimes it may contain a large amount of asphalt other is may contain very little.
Often called road profilings or recycled asphalt (but is not all asphalt).

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