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Sand & Metal Mix

$95.00 TONNE
1 T 3/4 T 1/2 T 1/4 T 20Kg Bag
$95 $73.25 $50.50 $27.75
As the name implies, this is a coarse combination of washed river sand and 10mm Blue Metal. ‘Blue Metal’ is crushed basalt, screened to a variety of sizes. When combined with cement, sand and metal mix makes for sturdy, solid uses, like concreting post holes, or as a builder’s mix used in retaining wall construction, foundations, driveways and general concreting. With this as a concrete mix the finer river sand fills the gaps between the blue metal pieces and the cement fills the gaps in the sand, making for a solid combination.

For a stronger, better concrete mix again, we recommend mixing P. Course Sand with 20mm Blue Metal to your own preferred concrete ratio.

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