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Winged Split

Size 100MM 125MM
1.8m(6′) $16.50 $21.00
2.4m (8′) $20.00 $27.50
3.0m (10′) $22.00 $31.00
Winged splits are treated pine timber logs that are cut to have one curved surface and three flat ones. They make it a breeze to build a retaining wall that looks like it’s built out of full-sized logs. The two, flat-sided surfaces easily stack onto each other, allowing you to build a treated pine retaining wall, fence or construction, simply and effectively.

Winged splits sizing is measured from flat to flat and available in 100mm and 125mm. The pine is treated to an H4 level against insects and decay, and is suitable for in-ground use in most applications.

For jobs where you want to achieve a stronger retaining wall, but with the same finish, consider the Pine Slabs as they are twice as thick.

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