Treated Sawn Pine

Size Length 3.6M Length 4.8M
75×25 H4 $15.50 $17.50
100×25 H4 $20.00 $22.00
150×25 H4 $23.00 $27.50
70×45 H3 $23.00 n/a
90×45 H3 $28.50 n/a
140×45 H3 $36.00 n/a
190×45 H3 $46.00 n/a
90×90 H3 $48.00 n/a
The rough sawn treated timber is generally used as garden edging along with Treated Pine Pegs and is available in sizes 150mm x 25mm, 100mm x 25mm and 75mm x 25mm . It is treated H4 CCA for insects and decay:

Other sizes are dressed and treated to Level H3 for above-ground uses.

Pine is easy to work with and it holds nails, glue and stain well. Treated sawn pine is generally used in the construction of pergolas, fencing, awnings and other outdoor constructions.

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