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Cow Manure

$95.00 M3
M3 3/4 M3 1/2 M3 1/4 M3 25 Ltr Bag
$95 $75.25 $55.50 $35.75 $8
Cow manure is one of the best nutrients to add for most plants. Collected from the ground it is then screened to an even consistency. By way of contrast, product from pigs and domestic animals can contain parasites which can harm humans, and for that reason should not be used in compost or gardens.

The addition of this organic matter will serve as a good fertiliser for plants as well as helping your soil retain moisture and improving soil structure.

Mixing cow manure, one part to three with vegetative waste, will also allow the nutrients to hold better for use in the soil. Fresh product has a high nitrogen content, which might cause plants to burn, so composting and curing for a time, such as with our cow manure, is advisable.

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