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Round River (7, 10, 20, 40, 50, 120mm)

$145.00 TONNE
1 T 3/4 T 1/2 T 1/4 T 20Kg Bag
$145 $118.75 $87.50 $56.25 $14
These natural river stones and pebbles are a roundish shape, tumbled by water flow. They come in a mix of colours – mostly brown to beige and sometimes with charcoal tones.

Round River stones are available in 6 different sizes, all of which look great in garden beds. The smaller 7mm, 10 mm and 20 mm sizes are suitable for driveways and paths, (except if positioned on steep slopes, in which case the smoothness of the pebbles can make it more difficult to manoeuvre uphill).

By mixing Lucky Stones with the 40mm or 50mm Round River stones, and even some 20 mm sized pebbles, you can create an attractive dry river bed effect.

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