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Concrete Slabs

Size Price
330 x 330mm $9.50
300 x 450mm $13.00
300 x 600mm $19.00
500 x 500mm $17.00
450 x 600mm $20.00
600 x 600mm $28.00
There is quite a variety of uses for the versatile precast concrete slab. Taking so much of the time-consuming, hard work out of concreting, with these products the mixing, formwork and setting is already done! Just prepare a space and place one or more slabs where desired, to create a base for a garden shed, a concrete outdoor area or a garden patio. They can also be used as larger stepping stones when spaced evenly apart and surrounded with decorative gravel or lawn. Basically, anywhere that you need concrete footings, these can be simple and effective time-savers!

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