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White Brickie Sand

$88.00 TONNE
1 T 3/4 T 1/2 T 1/4 T 20Kg Bag
$88 $68 $47 $26 $8
White brickie sand is used for making mortar for laying bricks and blocks. When mixed with off white cement produces an off white mortar.

This sand has the same fatty qualities as the yellow but is an off-white colour. Because of the clay content in the sand it is useful as mortar in block and bricklaying, as well as in bagging for walls. Like the yellow, its good compacting properties make it suitable for use under pools and pond liners, though the cleaner white colour is more usually sought for its off-white colouring effect.

Colour can vary in sands and if you need a consistent look or finish, be mindful to order all of the sand for your job in one batch. Future loads do not always share the exact same qualities or properties.

If you need to know more about the right sand for the job and advice on quantities and recommended concrete mix ratios, call us at Turtle for friendly advice and service:

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