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Tea Tree Mulch

$90.00 M3
M3 3/4 M3 1/2 M3 1/4 M3 50Ltr Bag
$90 $69.50 $48.00 $26.50 $16
The oil from the Tea Tree is renowned for its antimicrobial properties and fragrant scent, but the surplus portion from this oil-producing plant also makes a wonderful mulch for your garden. Dark in colour and exhibiting contrasting textures with the incorporation of twisted and curved twigs, bluish-grey leaves and grey bark, this mulch enhances a native garden with its complementary qualities of being natural and character filled. Environmentally friendly, aromatic and a truly different style, Tea Tree mulch still performs well as a water retention and weed suppression material for your garden by decomposing very slowly due to its evergreen nature. This mulch is believed by many gardeners to be the best type of mulch.

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