“A” Grade Sleepers Used - Out of Stock

$70.00 each
Size $ Each
2.4m $70
1.2m $35

‘A’ grade garden sleepers are a step up in quality from the ‘B’ grades, but still have the rustic charm of well-worn timber. These used sleepers often come with rounded edges and some splitting. They are suitable for garden edging, especially where you’re after an irregular, country-style finish.Where a more solid and regular sleeper is needed (for steps or retaining walls for instance), we recommend the ‘AA’ grade railway sleepers. Sydney buyers enjoy our reliable and accessible landscaping supplies for all sorts of garden and building uses. As with all used sleepers, we recommend that you inspect prior to ordering, so you are happy that the quality suits your project’s specific needs.

‘A’ grade sizing is more irregular than in the higher grades, but for reference the size range is generally as follows:

Width (220mm-230mm)
Height (120mm-130mm)
Length (2.4m-2.5m)       

As availability is variable you may want to consider Treated Timber Sleepers or ACQ Softwood Sleepers.

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